Why Use Bespoke Music? Part 1 – Benefits to You

Library music has it’s place.  It’s quick, convenient and cheap.  But sometimes, you just can’t find something that fits – so, what other benefits are there to using bespoke music?

Part 1: Benefits to you.


Using a composer for the music in your video means a personal interaction.  Yes, if you’re using a music library you can most likely phone them up and ask advice about their catalogue, but by employing a composer you can do so much more than that.

You can bounce ideas off each other, have real discussions about musical direction, and reach the end goal together.  A composer may have ideas that you hadn’t even thought of.


One of the most obvious benefits is versatility.  If you buy a library piece, you can’t say “Can I just have that guitar a little quieter”, “Can the second section start sooner because we’re changing the edit” or “Can it be a bit faster”?  Usually any changes have to be made by your editor, using up their time not only editing the picture but the music too.  Which brings me to:

A Composer Could Actually Save You Time

Some people may imagine using a composer as a long, drawn out process, when actually it could save you time.  We all know how adversely the music can affect the perception of the picture.  Imagine delegating this to a professional composer, leaving your editor to concentrate on the visual side of things.  You’d still have to approve a couple of samples and discuss the direcion of the music, so why not discuss those things with a specialist?

Someone You Can Trust

Understandably, delegating such an important part of your project can be daunting.  Look at the composer’s testimonials, previous work and credits.  Get to know them – ask them for their ideas on a new brief.  You never know what they could come up with, and if you get a good feeling about them, why not give them a try?

Thanks for reading, now for Part 2 – Benefits to your work

Claire Batchelor, Composer for Television, Film, New Media, Theatre and Live

Claire Batchelor, Composer for Television, Film, New Media, Theatre and Live


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Professional composer for screen - TV, Documentary, Cinema, Live, Corporate, Web.
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