Why Use Bespoke Music? Part 2 – Benefits to Your Work

Part 2: Benefits to your work

Tailored to Fit

Everyone has been in the situation where they’re tired of sifting through library music trying to find something that fits.  Nothing seems to work, and as you’ve been searching for so long everything starts to sound the same.

It’s at points like this that you could ask yourself – why have I automatically chosen to use library music in the first place? Am I certain a composer would be too expensive? Did I even get a quote?

A composer can feel the ebb and flow of a video.  They can make a slow scene seem more exciting, make something comedic, twee, classy, proud, adventurous…the list goes on, all tailored to your edit.

Brand Identity

Always remember, that tracks in music libraries can pretty much be accessed by anyone.  That means if you use it in your video production, literally hundreds or even thousands of other companies could be using it too.

If you’ve ever seen two different companies’ adverts or corporate videos with the same library track on, you’ll have seen how detrimental it can be for a brands identity.  The main culprits for me at the moment are the hotel / property / cookery reality shows that all use the same library music.  No wonder people can’t differentiate between the overabundance of reality lifestyle shows on their TV.  Give your clients a real identity in their online videos, corporate DVDs or TV adverts.


Why do all the big advertising agencies use composed music? Why do TV shows have composed themes?  Why do major TV dramas still use real orchestras? A good composer could seriously increase the quality of your work.

Increasing the quality of one project doesn’t stop there.  Do your clients ever view your previous work when they’re trying to decide which production company to use? Of course they do.  So having composed music doesn’t just mean quality, it could give you the edge over your competitors when trying to win new business, too.

Claire Batchelor, Composer for Television, Film, New Media, Theatre and Live

Claire Batchelor, Composer for Television, Film, New Media, Theatre and Live


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Professional composer for screen - TV, Documentary, Cinema, Live, Corporate, Web.
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3 Responses to Why Use Bespoke Music? Part 2 – Benefits to Your Work

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  2. Chris says:

    Great couple of posts Claire. I couldn’t agree more. I am amazed at how music is very often slapped on a project quickly at the last minute without any proper thought. Companies would never work like this with images or logos. My music can’t compete with a web site offering cheap, quick music if that’s what the client wants, but I hope more and more companies will see the benefit of delving a bit deeper when they explore using music for their projects. Cheers.

  3. Thanks Chris, glad you liked the post. Just had a look at your blog too – good stuff! Especially about learning to use the plug ins you have instead of buying loads of new ones.


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